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Kerri was drawn to yoga in the late 90s after a series of running and sports-related injuries, Kerri quickly discovered the power of yoga, not only as a way to heal her body, but as a spiritual tool to change her life. Inspired by this, she left a successful career in marketing to dedicate herself to empowering others through yoga.


Kerri has been teaching yoga for seven years and continues to explore many styles of yoga to ensure creativity and balance in her classes.  She has been greatly influenced and inspired by teachers such as Janet Stone, Seane Corn, Desiree Rumbaugh, Max Strom and Rusty Wells. 

Kerri’s classes are known to be challenging but playful, as she strives to help her students develop a strong body, a content mind, and a healthy spirit.  She has developed a Yoga for Runners program and teaches cross-training workshops throughout the Bay Area.  She is the Director of Possibility for non-profit, Off the Mat, Into the World and is committed to mobilizing the yoga community around purpose and positive social change.